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Shampoo Miser by Dog On It  Save time and money with one of the most economical
bathing systems on the market, the Shampoo Miser
guarantees a savings on your shampoo expense over
hand washing.

A fifteen gallon tank allows for proper dilution of your
shampoo. The 110V UL listed electric pump provides
up to 60 PSI of spray, enough pressure to supply
shampoo to as many as four tubs*. Pump runs
only when dispensing shampoo, turns off automatically.

Do not spend over $1300 for a Prima System when
the Shampoo Miser provides the same results, has
better a filtration system and is easier to service for
much less money.

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

* Additional spray nozzles & hose required for
additional tub use.

Weight35.00 lbs.
Price: $390.00


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Shampoo System for Dog Grooming, Midwest Grooming Supplies Shampoo Miser

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