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The MAXX Ultra Concentrate Miracle Detangler & Conditioner  > ONE BOTTLE MAKES OVER 10 QUARTS <

The MAXX is water soluble and may be used as a
final rinse or finishing spray for absolutely stunning results.

Use The MAXX as a shampoo or conditioner additive and
make your grooming job easier!
One drop per mixed quart of shampoo will make:
coats softer, help remove shedding on those breeds
AND reduce your drying time after the bath.
Saving just five minutes of drying time pays for The Maxx
in under one day of use in a busy grooming shop!

- Achieve optimal coat performance
- Notably extend coat manageability
- Conquer challenging mats and tangles
- Transform any recirculating bathtub pump
into a Deshedding Machine!
- Significantly reduce drying time
- No fragrance added, may be used as a shampoo additive

Available in 8.5 oz. (251ml) and 34 ounce refill concentrates
A little goes a long way!
Start with only 5 teaspoons to 1 quart of water

This multi-faceted concentrated conditioner repels dirt,
grime, dust, pollen, and other coat damaging pollutants.
It even repels dried urine from staining.
Notably restore each and every hair fiber's moisture,
elasticity, and tensile strength.
Say goodbye to spilt ends, frizzies and static too!

Hypoallergenic , Non-Toxic, Scent Free
Bio-degradeable and Cruelty Free

Weight4.50 lbs.
Price: $20.50


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Best Shot UltraMAX The MAXX

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